What’s the Worship Style?

  • CGC has a range of different Worship Styles however mostly contemporary
  • Congregation ranges from toddler to seniors

What’s the Dress Code?

  • Relax- come as you are.  Dress it up or dress it down, we just want you to feel at home.

What time does church start?

  • Sunday mornings at 10:30 AM

What do you have for Kids?

  • Kids ages 2-12 years are invited to join our Kzamm Kids on Sundays.

What do you have for Youth?

  • Youth, both junior and senior high, meet weekly …. currently not active.

What is there for Ladies?

  • Ladies meet for Bible study seasonally.
  • for 2023 we start Feb 1st, Wed, at 10:00 am and will continue for 7 weeks.

What is there for Men?

  • Men are allowed to be just men…3G Men’s Group is a place where we are building relationships the way men need to and are working together to find out what it means to be men of integrity.  If it is getting together for coffee, supper or a game of golf we allow men to be men.
  • for 2023 Mens Bible Study is Monday nights starting at 7 pm at one of the members’ residence – contact us for more information

How can I get involved?

  • Worship Teams
  • Technical Support
  • Greeters
  • Children’s Ministry
  • Kitchen Help

Just be available and you’re sure to find something to do around here!

How Big Is The Church?

  • We stopped counting!! Someone told us that we would ‘be known by our fruit’ and not how many people sat in the pews.  We believe our “sending” capacity is more important than our “seating” capacity.

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